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Whether you have corroded fixtures, leaky faucets, or low water pressure, you can trust the experts at Canyon Plumbing & Heating when you need a reliable plumbing company in Boulder, CO.

For over 20 years, Canyon Plumbing & Heating has served the residents in Boulder County and beyond. Our core values are ownership, integrity, and respect, and we take great pride in providing high-quality work at affordable prices to our customers. Contact us today when you need a dependable plumbing company!

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If your water heater is acting up, call us for expert water heater services today!

What to do About Low Water Pressure

While clogged drains and pipes are among the most common problems plaguing residential customers, low water pressure is another one that people experience. The average water pressure coming out of your fixtures is between 40-45 pounds per square inch (PSI). If you’ve previously had high pressure, but notice that it’s dropped low, it could be one of the following issues that’s the cause.

  • Issues With Your Supplier: Before you call a plumber or start knocking on your pipes, check with your neighbors to find out if they’ve experienced a reduction in water pressure. If they have the same issue, chances are there’s a problem with your water supplier.
  • Man Valve Isn’t Completely Open: If you find out you’re the only house in the neighborhood affected by low water pressure, check to see if the main house shut off valve is completely open.
  • The Water Meter Valve Isn’t Completely Open: Another valve to check is the water meter valve, which is the second valve that controls the water in your house.
  • Clogs in the Pipes: Clogs don’t build up in drains; they can form in the depths of your plumbing system. Even small clogs can be enough to gum up the system and cause a reduction in water pressure.
  • Corrosion: Besides clogs in the pipes, corrosion can cause reduced water pressure too. Galvanized steel and copper pipes have a finite lifespan, so if you have an older home with original plumbing, it may be time to consider repiping.

If you encounter low water pressure in your Boulder, CO home and can’t diagnose the cause, contact Canyon Plumbing & Heating as soon as possible.

How to Know When to Replace Your Plumbing Fixtures

Many homeowners ignore their plumbing fixtures until there’s a problem. Considering how much usage the average faucet, toilet, or showerhead goes through every day, it’s easy to see how quickly situations can crop up. Although some fixtures can be brought back to life with repairs, sometimes you have to say goodbye and replace them. Here’s how to know when it’s time.

  • Sinks: The sink is one of the longest-lasting fixtures in your home. Stainless steel and porcelain can last up to 30 years, while acrylic can last up to 50 years. However, consider replacing your sink when it leaks or when you want to upgrade to something with modern conveniences.
  • Bathtubs: Replacing a bathtub is a complicated project because of the cramped spaces in many bathrooms. However, if your bathtub leaks or the surface is so stained that you can’t keep it clean, consider replacing it.
  • Faucets: Like sinks, faucets can last a long time — up to 20 years, depending on the water quality and the wear and tear they undergo. If your faucet has consistent leaks that repairs don’t help, or the cost of the repair is more than one-third the cost of replacement, replace the faucet. Also, consider replacing it if it leaks from the handle or the base or if it’s so corroded that it’s too much work to clean.
  • Toilets: Like other fixtures, toilets are rugged and built to last for decades; still, if the porcelain is cracked, you need a more efficient model to save water; or you’re remodeling the bathroom and want a new toilet to match, replace it with a new unit.

If you have other fixtures that you think might be in need of repair or replacement, call the expert plumbers at Canyon Plumbing & Heating.

Our burst pipe repair service helps minimize water damage. Call us at the first sign of trouble!

Why the Toilet Keeps Running

Are you one of those people that jiggles the handle after flushing the toilet to get the water to stop running to no avail? There are several reasons why toilets continue to run after the flush cycle, and all can be easily repaired.

The most common reasons your toilet runs after flushing is the float height needs adjustment, the flapper is leaking and needs replacing, the refill tube needs shortening.

As mentioned, these are relatively easy repairs, but to ensure they’re done right the first time, and will last, it’s best to contact a professional like the ones at Canyon Plumbing & Heating.

Canyon Plumbing & Heating offers plumbing services in the following areas – Niwot, Superior, Broomfield, Lafayette, Westminster, Louisville, Arvada, Longmont & Erie, CO.

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