Keep Your Home Warm With Underfloor Radiant Heating in Boulder, CO

You can get warmer, more efficient heat with an underfloor heating installation. Contact Canyon Plumbing & Heating for our professional radiant heat service today.

Keeping your Boulder, CO, home warm and cozy throughout the winter months is important. Canyon Plumbing & Heating installs radiant floor heating systems that offer energy-efficient warmth to keep your home uniformly warm throughout the winter season.

Some water leaks go undetected for years and cause significant damage. Contact us for quick water leak detection to protect your property.

What is Underfloor Radiant Heating?

There are two different options in radiant heating options. If you are looking for radiant heat service near me in the Boulder, CO, area, be sure the contractor offers both options.

  • Hydronic radiant heat: a boiler heats water that is pushed through pipes beneath the floor using specialized pumps. This is a uniform heat that works like a traditional radiator.
  • Electric floor heating: as the name suggests, this system uses an electric mat installed above the subfloor. It is an affordable option for smaller spaces.

Why Choose Radiant Heat?

There are several benefits to choosing electric or hydronic radiant floors. These heating systems are becoming more common in new homes and for home renovations. The systems offer high efficiency and are more environmentally friendly to operate, often saving the homeowner over traditional heating costs with forced-air furnaces or baseboard heaters.

With no moving air, dust and allergens are not spread throughout the home with these systems. As your radiant heating contractor, we can also install the system without the need for ductwork or the additional space of a furnace.

If your boiler isn’t providing the heat you need, contact us and ask about our professional boiler services.

Underfloor Radiant Heating Repairs

Radiant heating systems are long-lasting and durable, but they may require repairs.

The most common issue with hydronic and electric floor heating is the incorrect installation of the system. Other issues include problems in maintaining boiler temperature or the possibility of leaks. If any of these issues are a concern, Canyon Plumbing & Heating is here to provide the repairs needed.

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