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Water Conservation Ideas From Local Plumbers

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Professional Plumbing Solutions To Prevent Water Waste!

Everyone knows that protecting the planet is important. Helping the environment can often be a double-edged sword. Sometimes conservation and being eco-friendly can make life more difficult. However, doing the right thing will actually make for a win-win situation when it comes to water conservation.

Schedule Plumbing Inspections

When someone is considering buying a home, the results of the inspections are usually a big part of that decision. After purchasing it, there is often a disconnect to the idea of having this lived-in space subjected to regular inspection. Building codes are constantly changing as people strive to build safer, more stable, and more environmentally friendly living spaces.

The only way to detect problems before they begin is to have a professional analyze what is there. They can do this through simple visual inspection of the outside of the pipes if crawl spaces or basements are available. Still, the more high-tech approach, using a camera to examine the inside of the pipes, can prove even more valuable to detect possible problems and discover weaknesses. The plumber will examine sinks, toilets, and water heaters for potential problems.

Quickly Find and Repair Water Leaks

Leaky Faucet Repair Boulder CO

Water leaks that go undetected waste water and money in rising utility costs. There can also be structural damage from a leak that goes unnoticed. Inspections can find leaks that a plumber can then repair to save the homeowner's utility bill. Reasons for water leaks include:

  • Clogged lines
  • Aging pipes
  • Freezing pipes
  • Root growth

Upgrade Outdated Toilets

Clogged Toilet Solution Boulder CO

As long as a toilet flushes, it's still good, right? Wrong.

Tank capacity and efficiency can be affected by the age of the commode. Newer models use a great deal less water to flush efficiently, so replacement actually saves money. If a homeowner's toilet has an ill-fitting flapper or float mechanism, this can cause the toilet to run needlessly. If the toilet isn't too old, then replacement parts may be the answer. There are even inserts for older tanks that make them more efficient.

Another option is a complete replacement with a low-flow toilet. Since 24% of home water usage comes from flushing, this is a home improvement that will pay for itself. Water-conserving toilets can save up to half a gallon with every flush. There are two main options:

  • Assisted Flush: This is a huge category that includes Gravity Assisted, Vacuum Assisted, and Pressure Assisted. Each of these uses a different mechanical means to enhance the power of the flush without using more water.
  • Dual Flush: This type of toilet has become very popular in recent years. As the name states, this toilet has two different flush buttons, one using just over half a gallon and the second flush for more solid waste and uses a little over a gallon to flush, depending on the model.