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Make Summer Drinks More Refreshing With Filtered Water

Water Filter Installation Boulder CO

Why Everyone Should Install a Water Filter This Summer

Clean water is one of the most basic needs for any home. With summer approaching, homeowners should recognize the dangers of contaminated water. These contaminants can range from harmful chemicals to natural minerals. The truth is, most homes already include a water filter. Usually, this is a pitcher or even an attachment on a sink. But there is an even better option for filtering water.

The best way to ensure that all the water in the home is chemical-free is a whole-home filtration system. These filters are installed throughout the plumbing system so everyone has clean water.

Clean Water Tastes Better

Water Filter Installation Boulder CO

This is potentially the most obvious benefit of drinking filtered water. Depending on where the tap water comes from, it can have chemicals, minerals, an even bacteria which affect the taste. These impurities can also be detrimental to cooking. Anything that requires water for cooking will taste different if the water is unfiltered. This is true for coffee, lemonade, pasta, and even fruit washed in tap water.

A good rule is to use filtered water any time food is involved. This can keep contaminants from affecting the taste and texture of the food. The easiest way to do this is to install a whole-home filter, but it is possible to do this with a sink attachment.

Filters Remove Dangerous Chemicals

All tap water has a certain blend of chemicals included. These chemicals can come from one of three sources.

  • Municipal systems: Municipal water systems usually add chlorine to control microbes found in natural water. These microbes can irritate the skin, eyes, and nose. Sometimes, ammonia is added to water as well as a disinfectant. When the ammonia and chlorine mix, it makes chloramines, which can be harmful.
  • Natural systems: Erosion and landfill runoff can also cause chemicals to enter drinking water, but these chemicals are much more harmful. These include mercury, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, and pesticides that make their way into the home and result in major health issues.
  • Plumbing Systems: When minerals are present in the water, there is a high corrosion rate within the plumbing system. Corroded pipes can result in lead in tap water. This is an issue because lead can be toxic, even in small doses.

Filters can remove contaminants, but it is crucial to research what type of filter is right for the specific home. Many whole-home systems target chemicals, and these systems are the easiest way to remove them from the water. But, not all sink filters will have this capability.

Clean Water Detoxifies the Body

Installing A Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Boulder CO

Water is a natural detoxifying agent. It flushes the body and removes any toxins that may be present. However, water cannot do this effectively if it is contaminated. A whole-home water filtration system can ensure that water detoxifies the body and keeps the home healthy and happy.