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How to Host the Perfect Halloween Movie Marathon

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Make Any Home a Home Theater with These Quick Tips

The fall season conjures up appetites that are unique from the other three seasons. In the fall, people switch from wanting to go on summer vacations to wanting to nest at home and relax with friends and family. October provides the best occasion to do this with Halloween.

Halloween is the perfect occasion to get people together and host a party. Themed parties are a great source of fun, and a scary movie night can be the perfect theme to build a party around. To host the perfect horror movie marathon, there are a few things to remember. This year, take some advice from a local furnace inspection company and learn their tips for hosting the perfect Halloween party.

Movie Selection

Relax With Friends And Family

There are thousands of Halloween movies to choose from when planning a party. It’s a shame that the window to watch them is short, so take advantage of the chance. A movie marathon is a great way to knock out several titles in a row. It also provides an opportunity to narrow down the theme of the party. For example, so many Halloween movies are franchises that tout sequels.

Several good choices for movie franchises are:

  • The Halloween series
  • The Friday the 13th series
  • Any zombie movie from George Romero, i.e., Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, etc.
  • Watch remakes back to back like both of The Shining movies or both of Stephen King’s It

For lighter fare, guests can enjoy:

  • Ghostbusters
  • Hocus Pocus
  • The Adams Family

Make the Place Cozy

Fall has always been about celebrating a good harvest and enjoying the bounty and comforts of the season—what better way to do that than by making a home welcoming and comfortable. The first step is to provide a bounty of snacks for guests. Fall treats can be as simple or complex as a host wants them to be. Adding touches like candy eyes or candy corn to normal desserts is an easy way to make brownies or cakes Halloween-themed.

Next, a party host will want to make the screening area comfortable. Make sure there are plenty of chairs for guests. Also, add plenty of pillows and blankets for making a cozy pallet on the floor.

Schedule Heater Service

 Heating Service Repair Boulder CO

An important element of making a home comfortable for party guests is ensuring the temperature is perfect. During the fall, most people in Boulder have already kicked on the heater. Making sure the heater is ready for the winter can help ensure that guests are comfortable.

Be sure to schedule heater and furnace maintenance before it’s time to host a Halloween party. Furnace maintenance technicians can do a thorough preventative maintenance checklist to ensure that bills stay low and temperatures stay high through the heating season. Find a reliable heating contractor, and be sure to schedule them before it’s too late.