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Be Thankful for Working Garbage Disposals!

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Garbage Disposals Are a Must for This Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, and that means many homeowners and their families are gearing up for quite the holiday dinners. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and more. Thanksgiving dinner is the event of the year! As such, the kitchen is about to be getting a lot of love attention - perhaps even too much attention.

With so much going on in the kitchen, homeowners will want to prepare their equipment to ensure no unwanted kitchen mishaps. In particular, they should be sure they have properly functioning garbage disposals to help with all the waste that comes with the dinner preparations. Continue reading to learn all about how a working garbage disposal can save the kitchen this Thanksgiving!

Preventing Clogs

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The first way that garbage disposals can help this Thanksgiving is by preventing clogs. For this reason, garbage disposals are one of the most crucial components of kitchen plumbing (and kitchen sink plumbing, in particular!). Garbage disposals help to prevent clogs because they function to break up waste as it enters the sink.

Many homeowners have probably heard the sounds of garbage disposals - heavy grinding and deep humming. This sound comes when solid food waste gets torn up and broken down into smaller pieces. Because of this, garbage disposals can mitigate the risk that large chunks of waste build up inside the drains and lead to clogs, which are less than enjoyable to experience!

Proper Disposal Maintenance

Basic maintenance techniques are a must when it comes to ensuring the longevity of the garbage disposal. Some key steps can help homeowners mitigate the strain on the garbage disposals, which already get plenty of attention as is! Among other things, homeowners should:

  • Avoid coffee grounds - these can clump when combined with water and lead to clogging
  • Limit the volume of food waste - unnecessarily putting food waste down the sink can overwhelm the garbage disposal
  • NEVER deposit grease - this most certainly will lead to backups since the grease can harden on the drain walls and adhere to other food waste passing through

These are just some of the many best practices, but doing these will avoid the majority of preventable issues. While they may seem simple, they sure can make a huge difference.

Identifying When Repairs Are Needed

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Some issues are unavoidable. As such, knowing when to seek the help of professional garbage disposal services is key. There are many signs that the garbage disposal may be broken, some of which include:
  • Abnormal sounds coming from the disposal
  • Failure to turn on when initiated
  • Foul odors that linger
  • Humming sounds rather than shredding/grinding sounds
  • Leaks

If homeowners notice any of these signs (or anything else out of the ordinary, they should immediately call for professional help. Professional plumbers will help with garbage disposal repair and even garbage disposal installation, should homeowners need a replacement. Professionals can come up with effective and efficient solutions on the spot!