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Class With Plumbing Basics

All Homeowners Should Know These Plumbing Basics

As citizens of the most prosperous country in the world, Americans tend to take running, clean water for granted. There is nothing to think about when someone wants a glass of water. They can take a glass, turn on the sink and get water. In reality, however, the system of pipes that provide water to and remove water from homes is a much more complicated thing. While at its core, plumbing is water in, water out, one must examine many other aspects for a full understanding of what goes on beneath people’s feet and in the walls of a home.

The Circulatory System of the Home: Water and PipesChanging Sink Faucet Boulder CO

While people tend to think of indoor plumbing as a singular system of pipes that water travels through, every home or business has two distinct plumbing subsystems: supply and drainage.
  • Supply System: This is the plumbing system that brings water into the home. Water is sent through public water mains at high pressure through the home’s pipes. This water pressure is required to get water to upper floors and around corners within a building’s structure. This system instantly provides cold water and sends water through a home water heater to provide hot water.
  • Drainage System: These are the pipes that remove wastewater from the home. It includes tub, shower, and sink drains as well as, perhaps rather obviously, toilets. An observant homeowner may notice that all these pipes have a distinct bend (typically in an S- or U-shape) just below the entry point or drain. This simple but genius bit of engineering is the main reason sinks and toilets do not back up on a daily basis. The “trap” uses gravity to keep the water where it is supposed to be, flowing out of the home and into the septic system or the water treatment plant.

Fixtures 101: Basic as the Kitchen Sink

Homeowners will be familiar with their wide array of choices when it comes to plumbing fixtures. However, it is worth considering all of those appliances and fixtures that people tend to take for granted. All of these get hooked up to the home’s plumbing system:

  • Sinks
  • Showers
  • Tubs
  • Outdoor Hose Bibs
  • Water Heater
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing Machine

Why Clean the Drain?

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There are several reasons that homeowners should perform some regular drain cleaning maintenance. It is beneficial for the entire home. While there are myriad reasons for cleaning drains in a home, the following four points may be the most convincing of the whole list.

  • Drain cleaning can prevent future plumbing emergencies by keeping the drain free of the build-up and residue that can cause major backups.
  • Drain cleaning keeps the drain maintained and can prevent foul odors, particularly in kitchen drains.
  • A maintained drain is a more efficient and better working drain.
  • Maintenance saves money. There is a smaller chance of having to pay a professional for emergency service.