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April Showers Could Lead To May Septic Problems

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Heavy Rain Can Be Detrimental To Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are one of the most underrated areas of the home. A home’s septic tank rarely ever needs professional service and works efficiently all year round to keep the home free and clear of wastewater. However, the sworn enemy of any septic tank is an influx of rain. During the rainy season, septic tanks undergo immense pressure and tend to get clogged and cause issues for the homeowner.

Homeowners should understand how to prevent this from happening and what to do when it does happen. Continue reading to learn more.

The First Sign: Ground Flooding

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When it rains multiple days in a row, be on the lookout for ground flooding. This is the first sign homeowners are likely to notice before more serious problems occur. When the yard becomes flooded, that means the soil has already soaked up all the water it can. From there, all of the excess water surrounding the house has nowhere to go.

In turn, this puts immense stress on the septic tank because more water and debris will try to escape the yard via outside drains. If too much of the water enters into the septic tank, it could cause it to overflow/clog. The moment that homeowners notice their yard beginning to flood, they should call a plumber to come to take a look. The septic tank might not experience any problems from the influx of rain, but it is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Homeowners that don’t call a professional could be risking the integrity of their home and the furniture, fixtures, and appliances inside.

A Clogged Drainfield Could Be the Issue

Another widespread occurrence during rainstorms is for the drainfield to get clogged. When it rains multiple days in a row or rains a lot at one time, water starts to pool up everywhere. Outdoor drainage systems are in place to help combat flooding experiences.

However, when there is standing water running into the drains, it can easily carry mud and debris along with it. All of this debris gets trapped in the drains and drainage systems and causes them to clog. The same thing can happen to the drainfield of a homeowner’s septic tank.

Below are some common signs that the drainfield may be clogged:

  • Homeowners experience slow drainage from the sinks and bathtubs in the home
  • Odors develop in the home
  • Ground flooding
  • Plant growth
  • Reverse flow of water in septic tank

How To Protect Septic Tanks This Year

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The best way to protect the septic tank and prevent it from clogging is to have it pumped and professionally maintained. It is recommended that the tank be inspected regularly. Typically a yearly inspection right before the rainy season is always best.

Homeowners could have one of the cleanest septic tanks in the world, but if an influx of rain comes in, this will easily cause problems to even the cleanest of septics.

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