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3 Common Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid

Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid

New Year, New Resolutions to Be Well Prepared Homeowners

Life is busy and has gotten much busier since the pandemic started. Now, additional cleaning and preparation have gone into the daily routine that was already jam-packed full of activities. In general, plumbing maintenance and household maintenance often take a back seat to everything else, but it doesn't have to.

Well-prepared homeowners with reliable service providers on speed dial don't have to stress how long it's been since the last time they did the drain maintenance or inspected the water heater.

Solving Clogs Using DIY Methods

Liquid Drain Cleaner Boulder CO

This mistake is the most common because liquid drain cleaner is available at any DIY store for a relatively inexpensive sum. The fumes alone should deter anyone from using this product, especially if children or pets are nearby.

However, the most deterring factor for most well-educated homeowners is that these drain cleaning solutions use caustic chemicals such as hydrochloric acid that eat through the protective lining on the interior of pipes and lead to costly plumbing repairs.

The worst part is that this product's clog is generally not removed, so the effort was wasted. Clogs are caused by hair, soap scum, and debris going down the shower drain and decreasing water flow until the water can no longer drain.

Not Prioritizing Water Heater Maintenance

Water heater maintenance is not a topic that often comes up in daily conversation, so many new homeowners don't know it's even necessary. Maintenance is an annual recommendation by manufacturers to prevent rusting, sediment buildup, leaking pipes or valves, and inspection of the unit to ensure proper function.

High-pressure buildup in a water heater tank is unsafe and could cause an explosion. Annual inspections and maintenance protect the safety and health of homeowners and give peace of mind in knowing the unit is fully operational and efficient. Older units deteriorate after about 10 years of use but can be extended with regular maintenance that prevents costly repairs.

Not Trusting Professional Plumbers With Repairs and Installations

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One common DIY project is plumbing installation of a new water heater because home improvement stores sell units and offer brief explanations for how to make this repair. Exposed wiring or improper wiring on water heaters has been known to quickly start a few house fires.

When selling a house, a home inspector will quickly identify that the unit has been installed improperly and will signal on their report that this fix needs to be remedied immediately. DIY installs often void the manufacturer's warranty on the product, but home improvement stores don't often tell consumers this.

Plumbers are well versed in home maintenance and eager to assist customers in the upkeep of the most valuable investment they will make for their families.